Book Reviews

At we know how hard it can be to get those first book reviews, especially if you are an indie/self-published author. For this reason, we offer a book review service that provides honest and impartial evaluations of all books submitted for review.

Since there will be a considerable time investment involved in both reading the original work and writing the review, this is a paid service.

All the books we review have the option to be featured in their own blog post at, promoted to our Facebook and Twitter fans and included in our daily e-mail to our newsletter subscribers (at no additional charge). Our book reviews are a minimum of 300 words long, although 500 or more words is not uncommon.

There is no guarantee that the resulting review will be positive.

What you will receive is a fair and unbiased assessment from us about the strengths and weaknesses of your book. If the review is positive, you may be able to use portions of the review to market your books at and elsewhere. The review may also be useful for catching the attention of a literary agent or publisher. If the review is negative, you do have the option to keep the review private and instead use the feedback to improve your craft.

We currently are reviewing all eBook genres with the exception of erotica. Our prices for a standard review (eBooks of 350 pages or less) is $99. The review will be completed within fifteen days after an electronic version of the book is received. There is also an express service available for $149, where your book review will be ready in three to five days.

If you are interested, please use the contact form below. Please let us know your book title, ASIN number and whether you are interested in a standard or express review. We will get back to you shortly with payment information and additional details.

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