[Under $1] Key of Sea (12/29)

Under $1 “Just picked up Key of Sea for my kindle and I loved this book!”

Key of Sea
Today’s Price: $.99


“An absolutely wonderful, feel-good, book!” – Heather Graham, New York Times Bestselling Author

When an ex-trophy wife with a mid-life crisis hooks up with the hot guy whose heart she unknowingly broke years before, the passionate pair rock more than the romance boat.

In her youth, Dora Lee Hanson set her dreams on distant goals. A more exciting life waited for her somewhere out of the quiet Florida Keys. The twenty-something year old beauty left home for a modeling career, but a wealthy magnate swept her off her feet. Unfortunately, after more than a dozen years of marriage, the wicked wretch kicked her to the curb. Facing an uncertain future, Dora returns to her beloved grandfather and the home she eagerly left behind all those years ago.
Fishing guide Bobby Daulton has the life he always intended, with one notable exception. He never caught Dora Lee, the love of his youth. After all these years, he never expected her to blow back into his life. He’s fallen for her again hook, line and sinker and, this time, he won’t let her swim away.

Today’s Price: $.99

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