[Under $1] Star Dancer (12/16)

Under $1 “I really liked this one! The characters and plot was developed and flowed well.”

Star Dancer
Today’s Price: $.99


The clash of two cultures, a love triangle, and a war are the backdrop to this historical romance of two charismatic people thrown together by fate, bound for life by love.

The year is 1754 and England and France are locked in a struggle for sovereignty over the land, which is home to the tribes of the Iroquois Confederacy. The proud Mohawk warrior, Hunting Hawk, is fighting to save his people from extinction. Cam, a teenage orphan girl, has escaped the degradation of New York’s back alleys to live free in the glorious northern mountains. He hates all that is white until he sees the golden haired beauty by the river. Certain she will perish alone in the wilderness, he forces her to the safety of his home. She meets his kindness with the viciousness of a cornered wildcat. Her past won’t let her trust any man. His future leaves no hope for a happy ever after. Yet they must have trust and hope if they are to survive the months of uncertainty ahead.

Today’s Price: $.99

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