[Under $1] The Living Again Series Box Set (12/20)

Under $1 “What an emotional roller coaster wrapped up in 1 bundle! I loved every one of these books. I didn’t think they could get any better but they just kept doing just that until the final novella.”

The Living Again Series Box Set
Today’s Price: $.99

Due to adult language and situations, 18+ please. 

What kind of guy are you wishing for your next book boyfriend? Is it Ben from Living Again, the professional doctor who is sweet and will take of all of your needs? Maybe Devin from Reaching Rachel, who is tough and can take over any rough situation like the alpha male he is. Perhaps you are looking for Ellis from Guarding Hearts, the strong and silent guy with the sexiest arms ever. Then of course there is Brantley from Finding Forever, the hot model that actually has brains and isn’t afraid to use them. But let us not forget the diamond in the rough, Greer from Breaking Free; the misunderstood, awkward guy that is not concerned about letting you in, but once you are…you can’t be anywhere but with him. 

And we can’t forget the strong women that they can’t help but fall for. Maybe it’s Kayley, with her quiet determination to get through her loss the only way she knows how. Or Rachel, the fiery red head that no one really knows, with a hole in her heart and trouble on the horizon. But it just might be Sam, the country megastar that has lived under her parents’ thumb her entire life, but finds herself simultaneously falling in love and fighting for her life. Lacey just might be the one, however. Affected horribly by a tragic loss young in her life, she throws herself into being successful in everything but love. But when the worst thing happens, love may be just what she needs. And no one can forget baby Alexis, who captures hearts in Living Again. This time, she’s all grown up and heading to college. But she’s no ordinary college girl, and in true Alexis fashion, she shows everyone what it’s like to make a difference in this world, no matter how small. 

Come meet all of the Living Again men and the women that capture their hearts in the Living Again Box Set by Best Selling Author LL Collins. Over 450,000 words of real life, friendship, romance, emotion, and happy ever after. 

What readers have to say: 
This series is one of my all-time favorite series! I am so sad to know it is over, but am glad I rode the ride. If you haven’t read this series, I highly recommend it! Just be warned: you will need massive amounts of tissues! LL Collins can write one hell of a tear jerker, but the stories are always amazing. 
-Amazon review 
Today’s Price: $.99

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