[Under $1] The Victim Donor (A Suspense Thriller) (12/21)

Under $1 “This book is very intriguing from start to finish, very easy to follow events and characters and very descriptive of events. It was hard to put down, I read it in about 2 days. I’m looking forward to his next book.”

The Victim Donor (A Suspense Thriller)
Today’s Price: $.99


Both shocking and spellbinding, The Victim Donor tells the story of a family man who struggles to discover why he has become the focus of a gruesome kidnapping plot.

Stockbroker John Harris III is living the American dream with Cheryl, his physician wife and college sweetheart. They have four young children, a house in the mountains of Utah, health, love, and money. But their lives are suddenly turned upside-down when Harris is kidnapped one morning on his way to work.

Local police and the FBI make little headway on the case until, to everyone’s surprise, Harris turns up alone and comatose in a motel room several states away. He’s in perfect health except that he’s missing a kidney the result of a rogue surgery performed by a world-class talent.

Urban legend suddenly becomes suburban reality and nightmare for the Harris family as they face some terrifying questions. Why did the kidnappers choose Harris as their victim donor? And why did they allow him to survive? Harris and his family are about to learn the horrifying answers.

Today’s Price: $.99

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