[Under $1] True Dreams (12/16)

Under $1 “I read this in just a few hours. I couldn’t stop.”

True Dreams
Today’s Price: $.99


Previously Published by Kensington Precious Gems

Stranded in the mountain wilderness, Lacey Maness is utterly alone and terrified. Then a man seems to appear out of nowhere. He keeps himself carefully cloaked in the darkness, yet the chills running down Lacey’s spine are no longer sparked by fear. She is oddly mesmerized by the mysterious Devlin Parker.

Devlin long ago came to terms with the tragedy that doomed him to grim isolation. But sweet, sunny Lacy changes everything. Instead of shying away from him in horror, she reached toward him. And though Devlin struggles to resist her gentle touch, he can hide nothing from her – not his wounded heart nor his true dreams

Today’s Price: $.99

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